SWF Seeks Employment in Fast-Paced Racing Industry

I love my current job.  But I need a better-paying job.  In the newest issue of The Blood-Horse, there is a position open at a horse farm main office.  I want that job!  Only thing is, I do not have experience on Jockey Club Horse Farm management software.  But I ask, how hard could it possibly be?  I’m a whiz-bang on photoshop.  Hell, I can make my own web site!  I have taught my parents and even a couple co-workers how to use their computers.  I have also used such database-oriented programs as Excel and Access in journo classes.  Not a big damn deal.  I’m 26, computers are my life. 

If I send my CV to this farm, I am afraid they won’t look at it without that special program. 

Aside from that, I’m good.  I understand pedigrees, have an expert knowledge of horses and their care (I have 2 of my own), and am a fan and player of the game.  WHat more could they ask for?

Plus, I’m the Champion of SAUHBR 1!!

ps: if you came here searching for Obama, sorry, I’m just trying to get readers!!


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  1. You can put Obama on an Infield post, but it’s still an Infield post.

    I’m finally sending you the official SAUHBR1 trophy tonight. You can post it on your “About the Blogger” page until someone else wins a SAUHBR. I’m leaning towards an entirely new format for round two.

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