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SWF Seeks Employment in Fast-Paced Racing Industry

I love my current job.  But I need a better-paying job.  In the newest issue of The Blood-Horse, there is a position open at a horse farm main office.  I want that job!  Only thing is, I do not have experience on Jockey Club Horse Farm management software.  But I ask, how hard could it possibly be?  I’m a whiz-bang on photoshop.  Hell, I can make my own web site!  I have taught my parents and even a couple co-workers how to use their computers.  I have also used such database-oriented programs as Excel and Access in journo classes.  Not a big damn deal.  I’m 26, computers are my life. 

If I send my CV to this farm, I am afraid they won’t look at it without that special program. 

Aside from that, I’m good.  I understand pedigrees, have an expert knowledge of horses and their care (I have 2 of my own), and am a fan and player of the game.  WHat more could they ask for?

Plus, I’m the Champion of SAUHBR 1!!

ps: if you came here searching for Obama, sorry, I’m just trying to get readers!!

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