The blogger with Zenyatta during an internship at Del Mar, summer 2010

The blogger with her amazing miniature horses, Jealous & Spanky

Hi, I’m Candice! Thanks for stopping to read my blog:)

I am the email marketing manager for HorseRacingNation, one of the fastest-growing horse racing sites in America. At HRN, I work with an awesome group of passionate racing fans who are dedicated to advancing the sport into the 21st century. Part of that goal is Derby Wars, the social horse racing tournament site. I got to help with this from the ground floor, and it was totally cool!

I also work with a stable of talented bloggers, a herd of outspoken fans and commentators, and a huge list of hungry email subscribers! However, what I put in this blog is my own. I keep this page for myself and am not under the editorial eye of HRN. Any opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of HRN or Derby Wars. SO, if I say something you don’t like, don’t complain to them, just comment here 🙂

I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee, where I spent 5 years rockin and rollin as a tour guide at Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

My loyalties lie with the University of Memphis Tigers (Journalism, 2006) and the University of Arizona Wildcats (RTIP, class of 2011). I am a proud alumna of the Race Track Industry Program (RTIP).

Some of my favorite Thoroughbreds include Thunder Gulch and his son Point Given; Real Quiet, the horse who broke my heart and showed me what it felt like to finally witness a Triple Crown winner if only for a few minutes;  Skip Away, a champion 3 years in a row and the last great handicap runner; Silverbulletday, wonder filly; Secretariat, Dr. Fager and John Henry.  I have met a lot of great folks through a shared love for Barbaro, and donate when I can to laminitis research.  I am a staunch supporter and rabid fan of BOTH Zenyatta AND Rachel Alexandra, and believe both fillies were done a disservice when they couldn’t split Horse of the Year 🙂 Game On Dude 4 LYFE



10 responses to “About

  1. Hey! Nice blog! I had no idea it was you until I went to About the Blogger. And of course, I should have known! Thanks for checking out my blog. I have a lot of fun with it. And what you’re doing here is very impressive! Good for you. Good for us! We be writers!

  2. TR

    I think you should delete the photo of Penny Chenery with the hard flash. She is much more beautiful than that.

  3. HI Candace,
    A pleasure to meet you and your parents the other weekend… what a great time! You have a wonderful blog sight too, great photos. I wanted you to know that Tony Battaglia’s filly, who he has in training, is by one of your favorite horses, Skipaway… her name is Skipaway Star! A four year old bay, 16.2 hands and the personality of a baracuda. She was in the barn at the Training Center, geez, if I had known I would’ve taken you in to see her… next trip. 🙂
    Loved the Secretariat Festival photos – very memorable day that was.
    Don’t forget to send that note to Tony at Claiborne on Elvis stationary – he’ll love it!
    Stay in touch, kind regards, Mary

  4. HI Candace,
    Forgot something… check out my little guy’s website who was in the look-alike contest

    We call him Addie. We’re going to add to the site down the road, ie, follow his career. I’ve decided to syndicate him to benefit the Woman in Racing foundation. More on that later… but we just got that site up and going the other week.

  5. Maggie K.


    I’ve been checking this site out since a friend of mine sent the link about the Secretariat Festival to me. The aforementioned Addie is one of my favorite horses in the world and is definitely, in my opinion, one to watch. But enough of that. I love reading you posts on her and all of the replies that you get for them.


  6. Kory

    Question for you.
    What do you think the chances of Charitable Man making it to the Derby. He has had about 5 workouts and I am thinking early April for some sort of test.


  7. Mary Joanne Hughes

    Hi Candice, First I missed the name of those two beautiful steeds you have with you in the picture. Second I am a TB horse trainer in Maryland and we are in the middle of the war between slots at a mall and slots at the track. You have summed up ,in you 10/26 entry, what I have been telling my fellows for a long time . Thanks I am printing this and giving it to my friends. MJH

    • Hi Mary, thanks for reading & commenting 🙂 My 2 steeds are Jealous & Spanky, and the pic was taken during Jealous’s 19th Birthday 2 years ago (he got to have a beer this year, I should post pics from his 21st!). I am glad that my opinion on this is shared by people on the front-lines of the racino issue. They are a quick fix and will end up costing the sport in the end. There are things we should do to the pari-mutuel game FIRST and ALONG WITH any alternative gaming. I have been following the Maryland slots story for the past year or so, and hope that the ballot initiative next week works in racing’s favor, whatever the voters decide.

  8. I was going to read, but

    Your credibility is in deep question when you claim to have picked “10 of the last 14 Kentucky Derby winners”.

    (and yes, I will credit you for having written this prior to Mine That Bird)

    Are you picking one horse a race, or three horses a race, or seventeen horses in each of those races??


    • Gee thanks anonymous commenter, who’s credibility should one question – certainly not the one putting her name on her opinions. I don’t know why you bothered commenting if you didn’t read.

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