Del Mar Live Blogging

Home from work in time for the races.  Seemed like forever to get to the stakes.

Del Mar Mile:

Whatsthescript is the fave as they go to post…

Daytona looks awesome…

Bold Chieftan is nice looking…

Stoneside pretty…Monzante calm & collected…

4 mins to post…Win & Yer In race…I think Daytone has got this…

The polytrack looks like the stuff people use for footing in model horse shows.

One Union canters along, a big, dark, long-striding horse…looks good


Ha-Cha-Cha-Cha!  Durante Turf Course…

They’re off!! Storm Military in front…DDaytona up close…Daytona in lead!!  MAd closers!!  Whatsthescript!!’s kinda hard to live blog during the race…

OOOOO….OBJECTION!!  With that blanket finish it doesn’t surprise me.  Whatsthescript not involved…god, the place & show ponies were way off my radar: Bold Chieftan & Global Hunter.


Post Parade…

Awesome Gem’s seconditis discussed w/ trainer Dollase…West Point’s been dangerous…head tossing, prancing…looks good

Mostacoli Mort…doesn’t “mort” mean “dead” in French?

Barcola looks strong

GO BETWEEN!!  Well Armed could be dangerous…Mast Track is being overlooked…

Student Council looks nice.

One minute to post…heh “Ken RUdolph theory of travel…’just get me home, now!'”

Going in gate…Go Between is fave…I remember when Ron was a FOX Sports commentator back in 1999…

YES!!!  GO BETWEEN!!!  Grinds.  It.  OUT!!!

and….TRIFECTA, BABY!!!  GO BETWEEN/Well Armed/MAst Track = 12 pts for SAUHBR!! 

As Lori Petty used to say, PAY THE LADY!!



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2 responses to “Del Mar Live Blogging

  1. I can not hit a trifecta to save my life right now.
    How does your SAUHBR strategy change with that 14-point lead going into the final week?

    By the way, I like your “OOOOO…OBJECTION!!” reaction.

  2. Look at my cool new avatar!

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