SAUHBR WEEK 5 — RIDING HIGH!! Infield 126, BT 112!!

Go Betweens Game Face

Go Between's Game Face

Though I only had one 4pt winner this past weekend, I managed to hit the TRI in the Pac Classic!!  GO BETWEEN-Well Armed-Mast Track!!  I love that son of Point Given   I also had hits in the Pat O’s (Rebellion/Barbeque Eddie). 

Before this contest, my favorite play was the Exacta.  Over the past 5 weeks, I have become a regular Derrick Rose, raining TRIs like the former Tiger point guard.  3 TRIs in 3 weeks, and I’ve lost count of the EXs. 

I don’t really have a regular “system” for picking horses.  I study the form and also call up an encyclopedic knowledge of racing trivia and replays, sort of like youtube in my head.  I’ve seen most of these horses’ sires and dams, either during their careers or in person at the farms I have visited (BTW< I am going back to Claiborne next month).  I get tips from Steve Byk’s At The Races radio show on Sirius (the Greatest Thing, seriously — if you ain’t listening you’re missing out on a TRI).  I watch a lot of TVG.  When I get ready to make out my picks, I look at the last 3 races a horse has run, how strongly he finished, who he beat, and then dig up any other assorted trivia I have to make the final choice.  It is highly subjective, basically (but not as bad as when I first started, way back in 1995 picking KY Derby winners by their names and silks colors), but it has worked for me. 

 It’s almost enough to make me forget that I’ve abandoned Roadtothebreederscup…I FORGOT to activate my scoring horses last weekend, and missed out on an assload of points…I had Ginger Punch, Hystericalady, Colonel John & Intangaroo…but that is just how committed I am to SAUHBR.

This weekend BT has Pick Power for the last time.  A part of me hopes he will finally hit a TRI, but the rest of me says, “nah…there’s gotta be an incentive to do this crazy game again!”


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One response to “SAUHBR WEEK 5 — RIDING HIGH!! Infield 126, BT 112!!

  1. What’s the expression? When it rains, it pours, or something?
    I could hit three tris this week to match you, or the handicapping gods could hold off for one more week (when none of that will matter anymore).

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