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Sing with Bing

I’m enjoying the cool darkness of the Tucson evening from my balcony as I write this blog, though my heart is still on Jimmy Durante Boulevard, a block away from the beach.  I left Del Mar last Sunday, after a final week of Pacific Classic prep, Baffert gossip and beach parties.

The Pacific Classic preparation began with putting together media guides with the nominated horses’ information.  Then there was the post position draw party at the swanky Rancho Valencia resort in Rancho Santa Fe.  All of the connections, a few jockeys and trainers, the press and TVG turned out to watch Tom Robbins & Rick Hammerle pull pills and horse names, and chuckle when Joe Harper called it “the Bob Baffert going away party.”

I met a few of the West Point partners in Awesome Gem; listened as track trumpeter Les Kepics and a guitarist serenaded us with jazzy tunes as the sun set in gorgeous colors; got a few pics of Isle of Giant’s trainer, Ben Cecil, and one of the owners ripping the horse’s name off the sign after the party…

The Pacific Classic trophy is pretty neat – it is made of crystal and has curves along the base that look like ocean waves!  It’s not the Woodlawn Vase, but it’s totally Del Mar cool.

The day of the Classic, my main job was to get as many shots of people around the TVG signs as possible.  The network also had a giveaway of TVG flip flops and a full field of pink-silked jockey girls to distribute them.

I enjoyed a final day of paddocking, got lots of pics of the Classic contenders, then squeezed along the rail for one last big race.  I saw Richard’s Kid, still in mid-pack, kick into a higher gear as they ran past me in the stretch.  He managed to get to the front in the last few jumps and power under the wire for his second Pacific Classic victory.  The horse really likes Del Mar.

His trainer doesn’t though, and only a few days before the race had vowed to leave Del Mar if they didn’t restore the traditional dirt surface next year.  He didn’t go to the draw party (which allowed me to do some cannibalizing of the sign, too and snatch Richard’s Kid’s plaque) and wasn’t at the races that day, either.  Instead, he was at Saratoga, where he had to watch as 3 of his trainees won decisively on the Del Mar stretch he hates, including BOTH of the grade 1s!

Team Intern had one last big blast at the Horsemen’s Beach Party & Volleyball tournament.  The party was back after a few seasons’ hiatus, and it was probably the most fun thing I did all week.  The beach near the track is gorgeous, and the track set up tents and nets and called in a caterer to make the scene even better.  Those backstretch workers were some *serious* volleyballers – they had Olympic-level technique and an intense competitive streak!  I didn’t play (because balls tend to hit me more than I hit them in these games) but Team Intern still brought it hard and left it all on the court (hehe for sports cliches!).  The weather was perfect that afternoon — the sand sizzled but the ocean water cooled us all off between games.  The Brown Scorpions team won a hard-fought final match with Doc’s Bunch, the reigning champs.

Evening Jewel after winning the Del Mar Oaks

Hall of Fame jockeys Mike Smith & Don Pierce (l-r)

Da Boomer, impressive 2yo winner trained by Tom Blincoe

There is still one last weekend of fun at old Del Mar, but I must watch it on TVG.  But when I see Camacho the outrider and his horse Max on the screen, or catch a glimpse of Ken, Sue or Heather on the patrol judges’ stands, and see Connie, the winner’s circle queen award the bottle of champagne to the winning horse’s owners, I’ll feel like I’m right back there.

Del Mar will be on my annual trip list no matter where I end up after this year.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to do the only thing I missed out on this year:

Sing with Bing!!!

Where the turf meets the surf…

Down at old Del Mar….

Take a plane, take a train, take a car….

There’s a smile on every face…

And a winner in each race…

Where the Turf meets the surf….


Richard's Kid exits the track after a fun & successful season at Del Mar!

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Like It — ZENYATTA at Del Mar, pt 3

The most asked question on all of the Del Mar social media sites since July 6 was: Is Zenyatta going to race there?

Many close followers of racing (and those who think they know everything) probably believe that the track was confident in her entry, knew it all along, so much so in fact, that they made souvenir pint glasses to give away on Hirsch day.

Fact is, the people in the Del Mar Executive Offices were as anxious as the fans about her entry in the Clement Hirsch.  The uncertainty hovered even up to race day.  When I arrived that morning, the buzz was that another trainer had pulled his horses from training over the polytrack and that Z’s connections were going to scratch.  Then the rumor was that they were going to wait until the 2nd race to decide whether to scratch.  Then the time pushed back to 45mins before post time.  You can imagine the hairpulling that went on behind the scenes. (Don’t quote me on this, but I am pretty sure the pint glasses were a year in the making, due to the production/shipment schedules from China and all).

So it was a huge relief when the big, near-black mare with the tornado-shaped blaze finally approached the receiving barn, entourage close behind, camera crews and photographers in pursuit, around 5:45 p.m.  I had scouted a spot just outside of the barn, at the shoe inspector’s truck, for my pre-race glimpse.  All of my backside excursions, all of the people I’d met and shadowed throughout the past 4 weeks had well prepared me for this assignment.  I knew that it would be difficult to get around the Sherriffs barn on race day (both due to the queen’s schedule as well as my internship duties).  The paddock was out of the question, too – there were over 400 paddock passes given out for the media & connections of the horses in the Hirsch.  Even if I’d gotten in, my pics would have been over heads and between arms.  But I knew every horse had to stop by the receiving barn for I.D. and shoe inspections.

She was poised and calm at that point, not yet ready to start her famous strut.  The afternoon sun shone brightly, illuminating the dapples on her gleaming coat.  She was a pro at shoe inspection time, lifting each hoof delicately before farrier Victor even reached for them.  Zenyatta stood calmly as horse I.D. expert Diane flipped the mare’s upper lip to check the tattoo.

That’s when I had to dash.

The next step in my Hirsch game plan was the most difficult.  I hurried through the mob at the paddock, squeezing between and ducking around people who craned their heads to see even an eartip of the fabulous Z.  My destination: winner’s circle.

I staked out my spot along the rail as the 8th race went off.  A few other photogs and a video guy or two also had the same idea.  I looked back at the grandstand – every level was packed.  The apron was 10-deep, even for the 8th race!  I spotted a few pink and teal signs among the mob. The crowd around me at the rail grew with each minute as well, until security had to hold back at least 200.

At around 6:15, the excitement reached crescendo as Zenyatta stepped out of the tunnel and onto the track.  She strutted, swayed, bowed and posed as she did her diva thang in the post parade.  On the big screen of the tote board, the track broadcast its music video tribute to Zenyatta.  She was cool and collected during the warm-up, went into the gate with ease, and then…

There was an enormous cheer as the gates opened and the mares leaped out.  I almost couldn’t hear announcer Trevor Denman!  As the field raced past us for the first time, Z was in her usual spot at the back.  Behind me, a gentleman was excitedly hollering, “that’s it, slooow it down Raphey, slow it down!” This was Rinterval’s trainer, Eric Reed.  He continued shouting as the horses galloped around the turn and into the backstretch.

As they cleared the final turn, the cheers grew even louder, to a deafening roar as Zenyatta began picking off rivals in the stretch.  Reed began pumping his fist (I know this bc he was so close I could feel it on my back!) when Z hooked up with Rinterval.  By then I couldn’t hear Trevor at all.  I was banging on the rail and stomping, yelling “GO GIRL! GO GIRL!”

She flashed under the wire a head in front of Rinterval.  Reed was still elated, despite having been defeated.  I heard him say before the crowd swallowed him up, “…seen nothing like it…”

I looked back at the stands again: the jubilant faces, the fists pumping, the cryers, the laughers, the little girls and the older men, all in love with a horse! 

Walker (my boss) motioned for me to slip under the rail and join the rest of the press corps on the track.  She made a valiant victory pass, Mike Smith beaming his dimpled smile.  I was in awe of being so close! She was barely breathing hard and there wasn’t a drop of sweat on her!

I managed to get between the press hounds and snap off a few wonderful shots as Zenyatta entered the winner’s circle for the 18th time in a row, and her 3rd time in the Hirsch.

It was a spectacular day and one that I will remember fondly for years to come.  If you ever get the chance to see Zenyatta in person, take it – you ain’t seen nothin’ like it!


  • As the crowds lined up outside the gates, I spent my time resetting my camera.  The day before, my photoshoot of the Queen during her morning routine went well, but when I uploaded the photos, most of them were blurry, unfocused messes! I was so disappointed!  I was determined to figure it out before the 9th race, and after a bit of fiddling I discovered the problem.  I also had 2 specific undercard races to practice.
  • The crowd clamoring for Zenyatta and her pint glasses was so large the track opened early to alleviate the craziness.  I got pulled from photos to help man a distribution booth in the clubhouse.  The only thing that went faster than the pint glasses were the plastic bags we handed out to help carry them!
  • I got a quick lunch break and then grabbed my camera for a trip to the paddock for the 3rd race.  Tom Blincoe’s Tall Texan was in, as well as Carla Gaines’s Doppio and Henry Moreno’s Party Mandate.  I have become great friends with Texan, who likes to eat butterscotch and root beer flavored hard candy.  Gaines is a fabulous trainer & nice, too, while Henry is probably the most flirtatious trainer there (but it’s all in good fun).
  • The Whitney at Saratoga went off while I was in the paddock for Tall Texan.  I watched the race on the big screen with Willie, the main paddock guard. We were both rooting for Blame, and gave high-5s when he won! As the horses exited the paddock for the race, a blonde lady in a blue blouse & sunglasses hurriedly asked me who won the Whitney.  I cheered, “Blame!” and then realized the woman was Bo Derek.
  • Great Bernardine raced for my RTIP classmates in the 5th race.  I was paddock-side for that one, too, and met trainer Mag Perez & his lovely wife, Candace, as well as P Val.  I got a pic with P Val, too, just before he got a leg up on Bernardine!
  • I was thisclose to Ken Rudolph during the Hirsch.


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Survival of the Glamourous: Del Mar Opening Day 2010


I admit, I was kind of scared yesterday morning when I woke up and it was cloudy, cold and even drizzly outside.  Let me tell you, California has not been living up to its “sunny” reputation this summer.  I was even more glad that I had remembered to pack my black blazer when I slipped into my fabulous opening day dress, a vintage-inspired shift in Del Mar blue – sleeveless is not the way to go when the breeze is wintry.  Drizzle speckled my windshield on the drive up to the track.  I hoped for a miracle but braced for the worst.

On-track, my assignment was to photograph and document as many people, horses and sights as possible for the Opening Day social media post-a-palooza.

I went out on the apron to get shots of the place empty, and saw the brave few firsters who set up lawn chairs by the rail.  As I shivered my way down to where the starting gate was parked, I saw a guy intently watching the horses gallop for their workouts.  I stopped and asked him if any were his, and he said no, but he had a horse in a race that day.  It so happened that Rick was a partner in Joyride Stable, the partnership who owns Domonation, a 3yo colt slated to test the turf in the feature, the Oceanside Stakes.  We chatted a few minutes, but I barely got a word in edgewise. Rick was intense about his horses and hopeful of Domonation’s chances. He also had lots of praise for trainer John Sadler.

Wandered up to the clubhouse and took pics of the linen-topped tables and flowers.  Once the gates opened the walkways up there were too crowded for me to get through!

The fancy hats began arriving as soon as the gates opened, and I made a beeline for the Plaza de Mexico, where the hat contest contestants milled around posing.  It was so much fun to get pics of ladies and their fun hats, and every one of them were happy to give me all the deets: how long it took them to create their hats, how many flowers/beads/Faberge eggs were used, where they were from, how many times they’d entered…

I took several breaks throught the day to post the shots on Del Mar’s social media sites, so if you follow them on Twitter, FB or Flickr, most of the pics from opening day are mine!

I glanced at the entries a few days before and a familiar name jumped out at me: VALIANT EFFORT.

This older claimer is a big favorite of my friend Debbie in Mississippi.  She saw him on TVG a couple years back when he did some serious acrobatics in a turf race here at Del Mar.  Ever since, she has managed to keep up with him and lets me know when he runs.  I made it my mission to be in the paddock when he was being saddled to get some pictures of him for her.  As I stood snapping away, I noticed a lady next to me who was taking just as many pics as me.  I asked her if she was VE’s owner, and sure enough, she was!  Kathy was tickled to hear that someone in Mississippi, of all places, was a fan of her horse!  I wished her luck and followed the field as they walked through the clubhouse tunnel to the track.  I stationed myself at the winner’s circle “just in case” and wtched with delight as Valiant Effort stalked the pace in 3rd and then gutted out a narrow victory!

I was giddy watching the horse come back and congratulated his trainer, Ron Ellis.  Kathy came running to the winner’s circle and the entire crew just looked so happy in their official photos! As she left the winner’s circle, Kathy saw me and said it must have been some Mississippi luck!

The most thrilling race of the day had to be the 7th, where Lava Girl and Go On Babe dead-heated in a dramatic blanket finish.  Lava Girl was my rooting interest since I had seen her in the morning workouts and also visited her in her barn.  She is Lava Man’s half-sister, too!

The Oceanside Stakes was won by a Sadler horse, but it was not Domonation – Twirling Candy established himself as a serious 3yo to watch in his turf debut.  They say an NFL player was there to present the trophy, but I wouldn’t have known him.  I didn’t get any pics of him, either, because right after the Oceanside, my camera died.  I took the hint and trudged back up to the office for one last photo posting.

Then after congratulating the other interns on a great Opening Day, I sat in the parking lot for an hour as traffic knotted the roads.  I finally made it home after 9, after an intense 13-hr day of horses and gi-normous hats!

More Hi-Lites:

Snuck into the Turf Club to get some shots of the Kettle One vodka ice sculpture…

Met 3 previous winners of the Hat Contest, and picked out at least half of this year’s finalists early in the day! My favorite? The surfing horse!

TROTT rep with huge “Queen Z” hat posing for pics, with a donation, of course 😉

Getting to eat lunch with the reporters in the press box…

Weird incident before the 5th race, when scads of ladies in hats & high heels went out to the starting gate while horses were on the track.  Umm, guys, the gate crew have to wear vests around that thing, and ya’ll are in heels? Plus they stayed in the empty chutes while the horses broke for the race! YIKES

Said hi & congrats to Bob Baffert… Said hi & better luck next time to Eddie Truman, whose filly Reason to Run looked good early but couldn’t stay on at the end of the race.

Did I mention it took at HOUR to get out of the PARKING LOT??

My first Opening Day at Del Mar was Truly Fabulous!

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

The action is picking up at Del Mar as the tsunami of its 2010 meet rushes closer to the shore, to break with epic waves on July 21.  I’ve been an extra set of hands for many departments, from media to accounting to customer service.

Last week I got a tour of the beach towns near Del Mar while postering the hot spots. If you see the bright blue and yellow posters with the lady in a hat at places along Cedros Avenue, at the Highlands, or at the bar on the beach in Cardiff, I put those up!  I also left stacks of cards with the summer concert schedule around hotel lobbies, front desks and cash registers.  It was fun not having to drive to these places since I could gaze out the window along the route and not worry about rear-ending somebody on the freeway.  I also made a loooong checklist of shops and restaurants I *must* try when I get my first check.

Today was an eventful Monday – the county fair is officially gone and the transition to race meet is well underway.  My assignment for this morning was to take photos and video to show how this is progressing.  You can check the final product out here!

(I must give full credit to Andrew, who took the brilliant video of the grey chewing on the hay net.)

A thick layer of dirt was pushed into place in the paddock and along the entrance to the track with bulldozers this morning to make a cushy path for the horses.  Crews worked on the landscaping and planted more beautiful flowers around the Plaza de Mexico.  The grandstand was home to hundreds of trees awaiting placement around the apron and restaurant areas – it was like a jungle in front of the mutuel windows!

I hiked over to the infield also, to get a feel for what would normally be my home at an elite meet such as this.  The digs are pretty swanky, with a spanish-style pavillion, vegetable garden and playground on one side, and a large lake right behind the toteboard.  There was a bridge across the lake that is normally closed off by a gate- today the gate was left open for the crews working, so I took full advantage of this unique view and walked across the infield lake! Woohoo!

Behind-the-scenes fun fact: the flowers in front of the toteboard are plastic!

While discovering that piece of trivia with Meganne, I noticed some movement near the final turn.  It was a trio of horses!  I looked both ways before ducking under the rail and dashing across the turf course for a closer look.

You can see what I got in the video above.  It is too awesome standing on the rail as horses canter past, even if these were just out for a leisurely turn around the polytrack.

Later, all of us went to the backside and investigated the harrows used to maintain the synthetic surface.  The green “gallop master” is the key to the whole operation.  New track superintendent Richard Tedesco has a big job but with big toys like the gallop master it’ll be a cinch keeping the track healthy.

The only horses here right now are some trained by Richard Mandella.  A quick skip through the barn revealed Crown of Thorns, runner-up in last year’s Breeders’ Cup Sprint, among the horses vying for glory at Del Mar.  Yes, I have pictures of a lot of this stuff, but this uncertain internet connection prevents me from putting them up. YET.

Hope you enjoyed today’s walk in my shoes – tomorrow I’ll be lending a hand in the racing office & of course I’ll have all the deets in my next entry!

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The Aftermath–What About Raven’s Pass?!

The Synthetic Track proved to be a great equalizer for the European contingent, but the American runners were not shamed by any means at Breeders’ Cup 25. 

Raven’s Pass ran a brilliant final furlong under Frankie Dettori, passing defending champ Curlin, rallying Henrythenavigator, and synthetic specialist Go Between.  The 3yo miler by Elusive Quality had spent the year battling New Approach in Europe, and carried his form well over to the opposite side of the world(and 2 extra furlongs).

As for Curlin, the Golden Warrior looked like a winner going into the final turn, but he just couldn’t sustain his drive.  Whether it was the surface or simply not his day, only the horse knows.  Tiago closed ferociously for 3rd, which would suggest Curlin didn’t like the track so much (the closest Tiago got to Curlin before Saturday was a 3rd in the ’07 Belmont).

The Classic results also give us a better idea of how good the ’08 3yo crop actually is.  It’s not flattering, at least for the US-based horses.  Colonel John was our best 3yo finisher, coming in 6th and Smooth Air followed in 7th.  Casino Drive set the early pace but faded badly to last.  These are horses who have been running lights out against their own generation, but were unable to threaten in open company.  It is a shame that Big Brown was injured, because he would have totally changed the dynamic of the race and also had the opportunity to convince his remaining critics.  Brown will most likely get the Eclipse for champion 3yo, but not without a few votes for Raven’s Pass.

And what about Raven’s Pass?  I hope that Princess Haya keeps him in training.  He has proven he can run 10 furlongs, which just happens to be the same distance as a little race in Dubai.  He would make the ’09 handicap season more interesting here in the states as well – a triple threat on turf, poly and perhaps dirt?  His sire also gave us Smarty Jones, so it’s not out of the question.

ZENYATTA kept her perfect record at 9 wins, and did it with ease.  It is so much fun watching her run.  She does that funny “spanish walk” when she goes to the post.  She always breaks slowly, and the makes a huuge run at the end, passing everybody else like they were hitchhikers on I-40.  SHe has beaten everybody, former BC distaff champ, quality speed horses, talented 3yo divas, on poly and dirt (at my home track of Oaklawn, no less).  It would have been awesome if Zenyatta had the chance to face Zarkava, the filly Arc winner.  If I had a vote for Eclipses, Zenyatta would be my HOTY.  Hey Jerry Moss & John SHeriffs, BRING ZENYATTA BACK TO OAKLAWN!!!


Muhannak won the Marathon…I should have bet that race; I would have been set for the rest of the day…

Euros run 1-2 in the Juvy turf, with Donativum getting the better of Westphalia…should see those 2 duking it out in the Darby next year…

GOLDIKOVA, the “dainty filly” slices through a microscopic hole and accelerates like a fine motor car o win the Mile.  Kip Deville, last year’s mile winner, runs 2nd.  The Dutrow trainee now knows what it is like to get “beat by a girl”.

MIDNIGHT LUTE made BC history by winning the SPrint for the 2nd time in a row.  Lute battled back from a nasty quarter crack and a horrible finish in his prep race to win the Sprint by a length, in a final time of 1:07.08.  Lute is the only 2-time winner of the Sprint.  Trainer Bob Baffert says Midnight Lute is the best he has ever trained, and that’s a strong comment from the man who trained 3 Derby winners, including Real Quiet, the horse who has come closest to winning the TC in 30 years.  Real Quiet is the sire of Midnight Lute.

Conduit won the Turf…Albertus MAximus won the dirt mile…Midshipman won the Juvy…Indian Blessing got beat by a scintillating Ventura in the F/M Sprint…

BC handle was up 5% from last year…people will bet regardless of the surface of the ridiculous name of the “ladies’ classic”…NO HORSES SUFFERED LIFE-THREATENING INJURIES!!

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Cowboy Cal (inside) wins the Bryan Station via DQ of Seaspeak (outside).

Cowboy Cal (inside) wins the Bryan Station via DQ of Seaspeak (outside).

Cowboy Cal

, making his first start since running up the track in the Kentucky Derby, won the steward’s inquiry in the Bryan Station stakes today at Keeneland.  The son of Giant’s Causeway looked unbeatable coming off the final turn, but longshot Seaspeak hooked up with him in deep stretch.  The two dark bay colts slugged it out in the final furlong, with Cal on the inside bearing the brunt of Seaspeak’s jabs.  The longshot put a head in front of COwboy Cal at the wire.  Stewards spent 5 minutes reviewing the tape before DQing Seaspeak to 2nd.  It was a great return for Cowboy Cal.  It may be too late for him to make the Breeders’ Cup field, but this victory will set him up for a great winter campaign.

CASINO DRIVE, the mysterious chestnut from Japan, won an allowance prep at Oak Tree today.  The half-brother to Rags to Riches turned in an effortless performance against 5 others, proving he could handle the Pro-Ride surface and that his minor hoof problems were behind him.  Casino Drive will be a live longshot in the BC Classic.  He could be the next Arcangues.  However, there are a few Euros who may have a stronger case for victory in the Classic.  Duke of Marmalade, winner of 5 Group I races in 2008, is pointing for the BC, as well as Henry the Navigator and Soldier of Fortune (that sounds like the 3 horses of the apocalypse).  Casino Drive has only run in 3 races in his entire life, and though he has won all 3, he has never faced the quality of competition lining up for the Classic.  That’s not even mentioning the American contingent, who I’ll delve into later this week.

In OMG WTF news, CATO pulled the biggest upset I’ve ever witnessed today at Louisiana Downs:  the colt went off at odds of 182.60-1!!!   The winning payoff was $367.20/$134.20/$53.20 with a $1418 EX and $11,938 TRI !!!

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Del Mar Live Blogging

Home from work in time for the races.  Seemed like forever to get to the stakes.

Del Mar Mile:

Whatsthescript is the fave as they go to post…

Daytona looks awesome…

Bold Chieftan is nice looking…

Stoneside pretty…Monzante calm & collected…

4 mins to post…Win & Yer In race…I think Daytone has got this…

The polytrack looks like the stuff people use for footing in model horse shows.

One Union canters along, a big, dark, long-striding horse…looks good


Ha-Cha-Cha-Cha!  Durante Turf Course…

They’re off!! Storm Military in front…DDaytona up close…Daytona in lead!!  MAd closers!!  Whatsthescript!!’s kinda hard to live blog during the race…

OOOOO….OBJECTION!!  With that blanket finish it doesn’t surprise me.  Whatsthescript not involved…god, the place & show ponies were way off my radar: Bold Chieftan & Global Hunter.


Post Parade…

Awesome Gem’s seconditis discussed w/ trainer Dollase…West Point’s been dangerous…head tossing, prancing…looks good

Mostacoli Mort…doesn’t “mort” mean “dead” in French?

Barcola looks strong

GO BETWEEN!!  Well Armed could be dangerous…Mast Track is being overlooked…

Student Council looks nice.

One minute to post…heh “Ken RUdolph theory of travel…’just get me home, now!'”

Going in gate…Go Between is fave…I remember when Ron was a FOX Sports commentator back in 1999…

YES!!!  GO BETWEEN!!!  Grinds.  It.  OUT!!!

and….TRIFECTA, BABY!!!  GO BETWEEN/Well Armed/MAst Track = 12 pts for SAUHBR!! 

As Lori Petty used to say, PAY THE LADY!!


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