The Infield is an equal-opportunity blogger:  Top stakes races are not the only places you’ll find people slogging beer and looking at thoroughbreds.  This weekend, I’m headed to Paris, KY, home of the first-ever Bourbon County Secretariat Festival

The event is in honor of His Highness Big Red’s retirement to Claiborne Farm 35 years ago.  The big red horse may be long gone from these earthly pastures, but his memory is still very much alive and drawing people to the tiny town of Paris to see where he lived the last 16 years of his life.

This is a fair-like atmosphere, so I am sure there will be some fair-like, infield-esque folks around oogling the pretty horses.  Among the festivities are horse demonstrations, replays of all Big Red’s TC races, and a Secretariat Look Alike Contest.

And this:  3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. 1970’s Costume Contest presented by All Things Vintage and Varden’s Restaurant, judging in the Diamond Theatre

OMG I am soo going to make sure my happy ass is in that spot with the camera!  Afros, platform shoes, bell-bottom pants…now that’s a party!

I’m also visiting a couple farms while I’m up there: Adena Springs KY, home of Ghostzapper and Congaree, and Claiborne Farm, of course home of Secretariat, but now home of Strong Hope, Seeking the Gold and the best Big Red look-alike I know of, Horse Chestnut.

If I have time, I am also braving the crowds to observe the Keeneland September Sale.  Gotta remember not to sneeze or blink or twirl my hair while I’m there, or else I might find myself the owner of a pricey pony!

I’ll have complete updates as the weekend progresses, so stay tuned!  I’m also gonna have my Super Derby & MassCap picks up as well.  Free Wireless at hotels is a miracle of modern technology!


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