I spent all freaking day & most of the night at work.  It was fun, but tiring.  And I nearly forgot to post my selections for Week4!! 

Here they are:

Alabama : 1)Music Note 2)Mushka 3)Proud SPell alt: Little Belle

Del Mar Oaks: 1)Storm Mesa 2)Lethal Heat 3)Misty Ocean  alt: Ginger Pop

Honeymoon S: 1)Candy Ball 2)Royale Madame 3)Nice Inheritance alt:Pretty Squall

Ontario Debutante: 1)C Karma 2)Dancingontheedge 3)Fanci Candi alt:Pretty Thngs

Super Derby Prelude: 1)Golden Yank 2)Star Production 3)Numismatist alt:Poni Colada

Sword Dancer: 1)Dancing Forever 2)Grand Coutourier 3)Better Talk Now alt:Presious Passion

Sorry for the slim post this week.  It’s Elvis Week & I’ve been practilly living at the mansion.


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  1. Oh Lord, did you dodge a bullet in the Lad Prelude.

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