Secretariat = Elvis??

Handsome Secretariat Portrait/ Tony Leonard

Handsome Secretariat Portrait/ Tony Leonard

I just got this article forwarded to me, from the Richmond Times-DIspatch in Virginia.   Skimming it, I could not help but notice the similarities in the legacies  of Big Red and Elvis Presley.

Secretariat was born in the Thoroughbred backwaters of Virginia.
Elvis was born in the Mississippi podunk town of Tupelo.

Secretariat was the king of racing.
Elvis is the King of ROck n’Roll

Elvis lived at Graceland mansion in Memphis.
Secretariat lived at a mansion-sized stallion barn at Claiborne Farm in Paris, KY.

Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973, with his peak performance in the Belmont.
In 1973, Elvis reached his peak with the Aloha From Hawaii special, broadcast via satellite to over 1 billion people. 

Elvis died unexpectedly at 42.
Secretariat died unexpectedly at 19.

Elvis is buried in the Meditation Garden behind his mansion.
Secretariat is buried in the Claiborne Cemetery behind the farm office building.

Elvis strikes a similar pose

Elvis strikes a similar pose

Secretariat is the benchmark by which all other 3year olds are measured.
Elvis is the artist all other rock stars aspire to be.

Elvis set album sales records that have never been broken.
Secretariat set speed records in all 3 Triple Crown races, 2 of which have never been broken.

Elvis was famous for his good looks and colorful fashion sense.
Secretariat had perfect conformation and was famous for his brilliant red chestnut coat, three white socks and handsome blaze face.

30 years after his death, Elvis fans still make pilgrimages to his home, buy millions of dollars in merchandise, and listen to his music on the 24/7 Sirius radio station.
35 years after his Triple Crown sweep, Secretariat fans still flock to autograph sessions, buy photos and $73 bobbleheads, and watch his Belmont every year during the Belmont STakes telecast.

Elvis had one daughter, Lisa Marie.
Secretariat’s lasting legacy is through his daughters, Weekend Surprise, Terlingua and Lady’s Secret.

I could go on, but now’s the time for you readers to add to the list!


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  1. …black velvet if you please.

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