Countdown to Secretariat

Trolley Boy at the 2008 Bourbon County Secretariat Fest - today he's the star of Disney's Secretariat movie!

Now that Labor Day is upon us, and the wonderful summer meets at Del Mar and Saratoga are drawing to a close, it is time for this blog to turn its attention to the next big event in racing:


While the film is scheduled for wide release October 8, the lovely folks at HRTV provided the RTIP with advance screening passes!  My sneak peek at this long-awaited movie will be Sept. 16, ten days away! I can barely contain my excitement, though there is a twinge of sadness as well.  My old friend Jim Gaffney will be there in spirit.

Today I ran across this article about the horses who play Big Red in the movie.  For those who are new to The Infield (or have forgotten), the main actor horse was selected at the First Bourbon County Secretariat Fest in 2008.  That’s Trolley Boy, mentioned in the article.  Also, the horse pictured with the article may be Trolley Boy – he has a similar face shape to the one in the photo.  Check out the full story here, and the photos are in this album here!

HRTV is also sponsoring a drawing for a trip to the Hollywood Premier of the movie, so go here & register.  It’s free!


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