Best Racing Promotion Since JOCKEYS

It’s hard out here for a racing fan.  But you wouldn’t know it watching rapper Rick Ross in his new track “The Magnificent”.  In the video, Ross and his entourage of nattily-dressed Gs (including soul singer John Legend) and equally-classy ladies in large hats hit Gulfstream Park for an afternoon at the races.  It’s beautiully shot, the track looks swanky and hip, and there is even a race during the song, which is a smooth, somewhat jazzy type of hip-hop (not your stereotypical hard-throbbing gangsta type).  It’s even sort of funny, too!  Ross says, “Baby, you’re a true thoroughbred, a born winner… I expect you to be magnificent”…to the racehorse!

Check it out:

Now why can’t we get the people actually paid to promote the sport to do something this cool?


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