The BIG CAP is SATURDAY, But I Can’t Watch It

Once again, the national sports media has let me down when it comes to a MAJOR STAKES RACE!

Saturday’s Santa Anita Handicap is only available to watch LIVE on HRTV, a station I do not get and most people have never heard of outside of the racing world.

COME ON PEOPLE! This is the freaking BIG CAP! The historic “Hundred Grander” that was so important in the movie Seabiscuit! This is the race that put California racing On The Map! Legends have won it, from Seabiscuit and Kayak II to Triple Crown winner Affirmed, from Spectacular Bid to Alysheba to Tiznow and TWICE won by JOHN HENRY and LAVA MAN!

And I can’t watch it. It is not on ESPN. At post time on Saturday, ESPN will be bringing us a totally irrelevant exhibition baseball game between Panama and Puerto Rico; ESPN2 will be showing NCAA Men’s basketball (not the Tigers, not important); and ESPNEWS will be showing Sportscenter, which is on like 30 times a day. But NO BIG CAP.

What is wrong with the world? Maybe I should stop hating on ESPN. After all, the NTRA is supposed to be our promoter-why can’t they seem to book us any time for our MAJOR RACES?


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