JOCKEYS Premieres in 3 Days!!

I like this promo for the show.  It captures the bad-ass side of racing pretty well, and features Kanye on the soundtrack.   If the show is as awesome as the ads, it’s gonna rock.

I just checked the Animal Planet site, and it’s all Jockeys

Mike SMith is one of seven featured riders, and in all of the photos, he is in the teal and pink silks of Jerry Moss.  Zenyatta makes a cameo in the above trailer, too. 

Who wants to bet that Joe Talamo and Kayla Stra become the next Heidi and Spencer? 

Jon Court has been at Oaklawn – I’ll have to get his autograph next time I go to Hot Springs.

One thing I know for sure is that there won’t be any stupid CSI-esque, brain-cell-killing cliches on this show. 



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2 responses to “JOCKEYS Premieres in 3 Days!!

  1. Jay

    Yeah, Joe could so become a lame “Teenage Spencer Pratt” if he doesn’t watch his hat (head) It’s always a plus if your helmet still fits in the AM! As far as K Stra. Leave her out of it! Go get on a race horse and try to even (stay on) jog a 1/2 mile, much less breeze one or ride in a real race! Oh, and lets not forget the additional stamina and balls it takes to try to pull it all off at Oak Tree Meet!!! Get your sorry-un-fit-self up at 4am, 7days/wk, go work your but off, get hurt, break collar bones (a job related given) and then go correlate your silly comments on horse racing (appropriately) from this point on! Pretty lame…K Stra deserves way much more and you obviously know nothing about the actual sport or the million politics involved! Keep watchin’ “reality TV.” It’s what’s “in” now. Cheers!

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