Buzzers and Bolt Guns and Doping, Oh My! CSI: Miami Goes to the Races

All I can say is WOW.  Monday night’s episode of CSI: Miami featured a murder at the racetrack, and if you didn’t hate the sport before the show, the producers gave you plenty to help change your mind.  Battery-operated shocking devices, bolt guns, doping, race-fixing, corrupt jockeys, gambling-addict vets, slimey owners, and Horatio’s shades…all in a day’s work on TV tracks.

I know, I know, it’s CSI: Miami.  It’s a shlocky police procedural.  I have seen them do dumber shows.  I wouldn’t be so pissy if the show had been the least bit original.  It gets old watching the same stories about the same crooked jockey/trainer/owner hurting a horse.   

And what was the deal with that bolt gun?  Seriously?  “Everybody has one??”  Seriously????


The sad thing is people get the wrong ideas about racing because of shows like that.  When the worst happens, like the Eight Belles tragedy, people are preconditioned to see that as a normal case of racetrack “brutality”.  Just once I would like to see racing presented in an intelligent, realistic manner.  It *can* be done.  And no horses would have to die, or be buzzed.


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  1. Katrina

    Did you see there’s going to be a show in Animal Planet about the inside life of Jockeys?

    I agree… That’s how I felt when “Best in Show” came out. It gave so many people about the showing world.

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