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In a thrilling stretch drive, The Infield defeats Borderland Totalisator in SAUHBR Round 1!

In a thrilling stretch drive, The Infield defeats Borderland Totalisator in SAUHBR Round 1!

The weekend marked Curlin’s victorious return to dirt in the Woodward, a shocking upset by Anak Nakal in the Pennsylvania Derby, and the contentious finale of the 1st Semi-Annual Handicapping Battle Royale (see, I *do* remember what SAUHBR stands for!!)

It was a good race, but in the end, the best seats were in The Infield!  I scored points in 4 races, hitting the big win with Curlin at Saratoga, and 2nds with Fareena, Gio Ponti and Silver Expression.  I also had some show points with Lickety Lemon (best name of the weekend), and Letthemusicbegin. 



BT, it’s been a fun 6 weeks of ‘cappin’ the ponies and engaging in Dutrow-lite smack talk.  And now, you have one thing in common with Curlin: you got beat by a girl.


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SAUHBR WEEK 5 — RIDING HIGH!! Infield 126, BT 112!!

Go Betweens Game Face

Go Between's Game Face

Though I only had one 4pt winner this past weekend, I managed to hit the TRI in the Pac Classic!!  GO BETWEEN-Well Armed-Mast Track!!  I love that son of Point Given   I also had hits in the Pat O’s (Rebellion/Barbeque Eddie). 

Before this contest, my favorite play was the Exacta.  Over the past 5 weeks, I have become a regular Derrick Rose, raining TRIs like the former Tiger point guard.  3 TRIs in 3 weeks, and I’ve lost count of the EXs. 

I don’t really have a regular “system” for picking horses.  I study the form and also call up an encyclopedic knowledge of racing trivia and replays, sort of like youtube in my head.  I’ve seen most of these horses’ sires and dams, either during their careers or in person at the farms I have visited (BTW< I am going back to Claiborne next month).  I get tips from Steve Byk’s At The Races radio show on Sirius (the Greatest Thing, seriously — if you ain’t listening you’re missing out on a TRI).  I watch a lot of TVG.  When I get ready to make out my picks, I look at the last 3 races a horse has run, how strongly he finished, who he beat, and then dig up any other assorted trivia I have to make the final choice.  It is highly subjective, basically (but not as bad as when I first started, way back in 1995 picking KY Derby winners by their names and silks colors), but it has worked for me. 

 It’s almost enough to make me forget that I’ve abandoned Roadtothebreederscup…I FORGOT to activate my scoring horses last weekend, and missed out on an assload of points…I had Ginger Punch, Hystericalady, Colonel John & Intangaroo…but that is just how committed I am to SAUHBR.

This weekend BT has Pick Power for the last time.  A part of me hopes he will finally hit a TRI, but the rest of me says, “nah…there’s gotta be an incentive to do this crazy game again!”

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Handicapping Dominatrix SAUHBR Week4 Results!!!

Just give me the tall boots and the whip, ‘cuz I’m kickin’ BT’s butt in SAUHBR! 

BT just posted the accurate scores from last week (I’m sure glad he’s honest, because I cannot do math and he could so take advantage of me) and I’m running on a comfortable lead that just got better this weekend!!

In the Alabama, Proud Spell gamely held off Music Note in a thrilling duel down the ‘Toga stretch, with Little Belle 3rd.  The Distaff this year is gonna rock, if Proud Spell actually runs – the rumor’s flying that Fox Hill Farm is gonna skip the poly.  Music Note threw down, but she just couldn’t surpass the gritty Proud Spell.  Little Belle seems to me like one of those fillies that always shows up, may win a Gr1 but is always overshadowed by her stablemate and then turns out to produce a KY Derby winner.

In the Super Derby Prelude, Star Production, Numismatist and Golden Yank came in for another Tri! 

I also scored some points with Grand Coutourier, BTN, C Karma, Lethal Heat and Fancy Candy. 

As of today, the scores are: The Infield 101, Borderland Totalisator 95

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The SAUHBR action kicked it up a notch this past weekend, leaving Borderland Totalisator and me in a dead-heat for Total (amateur) Handicapping Domination – 65-65!!

YEHAW!!  TRIFECTA, BABY!  1st TRI in SAUHBR was hit by yours truly in the Secretariat Stakes!  Winchester (1)-by daylight-Plan (2)-Tizdejavu(1)!!  Winchester’s victory was so visually impressive he’s going into my new fave category, and the final time wasn’t that bad, either -2:01:76.  TRIPLE POINT BONUS! 12 points!!

But that’s not all — In the Beverly D, Mauralakana (4) and Communique (1) galloped under the wire for an EXACTA!! YESS!  DOUBLE BONUS! 10 points!

Then, as I predicted, the Million was the Euros’ race to lose — they swept the top 3 spots.  Spirit One lead them wire to wire, with Archipenko (2) and Mount Nelson (1) rounding out the tri.  I didn’t hit the winner, but I *did* get the place/show.  Stream Cat was 6th behind Einstein — the best US placing was 4th finisher Silverfoot, who may just have taken my advice on that John Henry juju.  3 points!

BT, on the other hand, didn’t have such stellar luck at Arlington — Tizdejavu got him 1 pt in the Sec, he was shut out in the Bev D, and Archipenko won him a point in the Million.  What happened to you, Glen?

Sunday’s 2yo Sprint Stakes were a little Crazier but I still did pretty decent with the picks …  BUT!  I have a Scoring Q that must wait ’till BT gets back to his computer!!

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Haskell Heartstopper + SAUHBR Results Week2 BT 47, The Infield 39

Big Brown squeezes between Atoned (left) and Magical Forest (right) around the first turn in the Haskell. photo by mel evans/AP/

Big Brown squeezes between Atoned (left) and Magical Forest (right) around the first turn in the Haskell. photo by mel evans/AP/

What a race!  Big Brown nipped Coal Play at the wire in a thriller Haskell, despite every effort by jockey Desormeaux to lose the race.   I’m not saying Kent was trying to lose, but it just seemed like he wasn’t riding with any confidence in his horse.  After shooting out to the lead at the break, he immediately reined Brown back as Coal Play ran up to challenge.  The Big Horse followed Zito’s rabbit around the track in second, but when the time came to blow past for the win, he didn’t respond.  Coal Play opened up 2 lengths on him and Cool Coal Man and looked very much the winner.  It was more than halfway into the stretch before Big Brown responded to any of Kent’s urging, right-handed whip action.  He raced somewhat greenly, drifting far out to the middle of the track.  Still Coal Play lead, and Cool Coal Man was advancing (albeit sloowly).  Finally, in the last few yards, Big Brown’s mystical “energy button” kicked on, an he somehow managed to pass the pacesetter with enough momentum to carry him across the line 1.5 in front.  In the gallop-out, Brown fought Kent every step of the way, throwing his head up with his mouth hanging open.  It wasn’t pretty. 

For Brown’s next race, they should put Prado back on and see what a difference it would make.  Jock changes aren’t uncommon even with the Big Horses.  Jean Cruget got taken off of Seattle SLew.  Steve Cauthen didn’t always ride Affirmed.  Jerry Bailey didn’t always ride Cigar.  

The partnership between horse and rider was severely shaken up in the Belmont and in SUnday’s Haskell, it seems the ties finally broke.  If we’re only going to enjoy Big Brown 2 more times on the track, the connections would do well to consider the jockey switch.  The horse deserves the best chance he can get for optimal performance.  Especially if it’s up against Curlin, who he must beat for any Horse of the Year honors.

Of course, all of this will be moot if ZENYATTA goes in the Classic instead of the distaff.  That filly is the queen of the Cali condomtrack!   








TOTAL SCORE after 2 weekends: 39 POINTS!

This race is just gettin’ started!  I have PICK POWER this week, and there just happens to be a few grass races at Arlington that usually draw a crowd up there in Illinois…

Sunday’s races are proving more difficult, though — I’ll figure something out before Wednesday.

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Commentator smashes Whitney field + Battle ROyale week 1 RESULTS

Commentator wins the Whitney 2008/phot from

Commentator wins the Whitney 2008/phot from

The old man did it again, 3 years after his first Whitney victory, he galloped home once more 4.5 lengths in front.  The Zito-trained gelding showed that he loves longer distances, as long as he’s left alone on the lead.  He also gave me some much-needed points on the ROad to the BC contest.

Best run of the day was turned in by Ginger Punch, who found a world of trouble in the Go For Wand.  Boxed in early, she ran trapped on the rail ost of the way & in the stretch she had to bully her way between horses to snatch the lead.  She won going away.  The Distaff division is so tough right now, with GP, Hystericalady, and Zenyatta, not to mention Proud Spell, Pure CLan and Zaftig on the 3 year old side.  Indian Blessing is a top sprinter, period. 

It’s already a close race in SAUHBR.  BT leads me by 2 points after the weekend.  We both hit exactas for bonus points (whoot!).  Here’s the breakdown:



1)GINGER PUNCH (4pts) 2)Copper State 3)Indescribable (Inside Passage & Spring Waltz scr, so by the scoring rules, they were replaced by Ginger Punch, the race favorite.  Because GP won, I got an extra point)


1)COMMENTATOR (2) 2)Student Council 3)Grasshopper


1)Storm Mesa 2)Tasha’s Miracle 3)MISTY OCEAN (1)



1)Macho Again 2)PYRO(2) 3)Tiz Now Tiz Then


1)STREET BOSS (2) 2)IN SUMMATION (2) 3)Jungle Prince BOXED EXACTA BONUS 4 points!


1)Artie Hot 2)True Metropolitan (1) 3)Palladio

That’s 19 Points for me.  BT got lucky in the Seagram Cup & hit an exacta for 6 points, which put him at 22 total.  The contest just got started, but already it’s a close race.

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Coaching Club WOWZER

Music Note crushes CCA Oaks rivals

Music Note crushes CCA Oaks rivals



MUSIC NOTE annihilated her rivals in the CCA Oaks Saturday (so much for her “experienced” stablemate) by 11 lengths.  Little Belle was 2nd, followed by Flaming Slew.  Acoma came in 4th.  Music Note runs to her pedigree, and it will be exciting to see her against Zaftig if that filly comes back as good as she was last month.  It will be great if she comes to the BC DIstaff (I REFUSE to call it the L.C.), though the surface may give the connections pause.  The 3 year old filly Eclipse race will be a nail-biter.  The Godolphin entry was coupled, but it still paid a nice $25.20 for the EX

Other Races:

SAN DIEGO Handicap: 1)WELL ARMED $5.40 2)Surf Cat 3)Mostacoli Mort (Rebellion 5, Tall Texan 7)

VIRGINIA DERBY: 1)GIO PONTI 2)Court Vision 3)Sailor’s Cap $2.20 (Your Round 4)

EDDIE REID HANDICAP : TRIFECTA ALERT!!!  1)MONZANTE $8.00 2)Whatsthescript $3.00 3)Storm Military $3.60 TRI pays $41.70

NEXT WEEK: TOGA TOGA TOGA!!  Saratoga’s 140th season begins Wednesday, and all the Gr1 Stakes action is on Saturday.  Del MAr is just cranking up, too!  The dog days of summer are best spent watching TVG in the AC on the 42″ plasma TV. 

COOL, EXCITING STUFF: I’m about to get involved with another blogger…more to come! 

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